Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's Not Even Cold Yet

As soon as news was out that Michael Jackson was dead, people started trying to cash in by selling t-shirts and other memorabilia. It doesn't surprise me at all, anything to make a buck, right? But when etsy puts THIS on the front page, I was a little more than disgusted. Not only because it is tacky and cheap looking, but come on etsy, lets try to be a little more classy than the street corner t-shirt seller, okay?

It is supposed to be a tote bag, by the way.

And speaking of tacky crafts, I've opened a shop on a very new site, trendyindie, in fact, here's a link to my shop: http://geelizzie.trendyindie.com. Not that my shop is tacky, well maybe a little bit.

It didn't take long for the tacky crafters to find this site, either. Hey, if you are going to sell a dog cape, and what dog doesn't need a cape, at least IRON THE CREASES OUT OF THE FABRIC FIRST!

Actually I thought this was a baby bib when I first saw it.

And, speaking of dead celebrities and tacky things, I was way more saddened by the news that Billy Mays was dead than Michael Jackson.

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Campbell Jane said...

I too felt a little sick when I saw that people were selling t-shirts in front of the hospital just minutes after he had passed. A disgusted more that people were buying them.