Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes Etsy Has Them

I did a little searching on etsy for cloth wipes and there are some sellers who have them listed under personal bathroom wipes.

These watermelon wipes are from allnaturalme and are 10.00 for a pack of 10. Now, remember, I'm using these just for number one, not number two, that's just a little too much. We'll use toilet paper for that, thank you very much.

These ones are from littlelovedesigns, 7.50 for a pack of 4.

I did see some on etsy that were made from recycled t-shirts-sounds soft but the word 'recycled' scares me when it comes to wiping my very personal area. That's kind of icky, I don't care how many times you've washed the t-shirts, somebody else wore them and probably for a long time.

These are what the cloth menstrual pads look like. The care bear fabric is really cute, and what could be more fun when you have to be on your period than some cheery happy loving care bears?

You can also use these for incontinence pads! I may need to get some of these-ha ha.

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EtsyWTF said...

The idea of bleeding all over a Care Bear amuses me for some strange reason. :o)