Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hungry Hungry Kitties

This morning I slept in until 7:30 and as soon as I opened the bedroom door, there was a stampede of kitties running into the bedroom, turning around as soon as they realized that we weren't hoarding food in there, then following me down to the kitchen. Feed us, feed us, we are STARVING!!

They were indeed starving, the dry food bowls were totally empty, so I started filling those up, then got out the canned food and started filling up those bowls. Crunch crunch, slurp, slurp. It's really rare to see all six cats eating together, no 'mom, he's looking at me', or 'I don't like this', or 'do I HAVE to eat this?'. Even shy Harri jumped up on the counter for her bowl. She usually waits until everyone else has eaten and then slinks in to see what's left. I sometimes try to feed her in a separate room because she is just so fearful and timid, but usually one of the other cats comes in to see what's in Harri's bowl, thinking she's got something special.

So, everybody ate while I made the coffee, then all went to their respective corners for their after breakfast nap, since that eating thing is so exhausting, don't you know.

Then, it was time for a little vacuuming and cat box cleaning. If I'm really bored I just drag the vacuum behind me around the house so that I can watch the cats run away from the big black sucking monster thing. (Not really, I usually gently carry them out of whatever room I'm going to vacuum so they don't freak out.)

Keith slept late, so now he's making me some breakfast (he makes a mean omelette, something that I really really don't enjoy attempting), so in a few minutes we'll have a nice breakfast in a freshly vacuumed house, with content fat well fed kitties at our feet.

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