Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes, but can you PEE in it?

I was just reading in this weeks Time magazine about the snuggie blanket that we've all seen the ads on TV for, and what a cultural phenomenon it's become. Pet Rock, anybody?

The concept is actually a good one, and since over 3 million of these blankies with sleeves have been sold already, a good lucrative concept indeed.

I know I like my blankie when I'm watching TV on a chilly winter evening (too cheap to turn on the heater) and one with sleeves so you can still drink your hot tea and eat your popcorn while keeping your arms warm is a pretty clever idea indeed.

Okay, so you look like a total dork while you're wearing this, but as long as nobody knocks on your front door and you answer in your snuggie, who the heck really cares? My normal TV watching attire is nothing to be proud of as it is, so why not be warm and dorky? Plus, if you buy one YOU GET ONE FREE!! It's a total win win!

But! Can you go to the bathroom while wearing your snuggie or will parts of your snuggie end up dragging in the toilet? That is the true test of worthiness as far as I'm concerned. Those bathrooms get pretty chilly at night what with the tile floors and hard porcelain surfaces and if you have to remove your snuggie to answer nature's call, then what's the point? I'm not going to be the toilet tester here, but I think they'd get even more sales if they added the convenience of toilet going to all the other things that you can do while wearing your snuggie.


Meghan said...

I have seen these commercials and have been tempted to buy it. I always have blankets on my lap when I'm watching tv.

This would be perfect, because I hate having to move the blanket to change the tv... with sleeves it would be much easier.

Anonymous said...

My husband told me yesterday, that he heard they were up to almost 4 million with these things. Why didn't *I* think of that?!