Monday, January 19, 2009

We Did It

And I'm really not that excited about it. More like a little anxious about it. But we really had to do it sooner or later. So we did it.

We bought a car. Well, no, not a car, but an SUV. A new used SUV, an '07 Jeep Liberty. We compromised between a car or truck, so now we have what could be called a trar or maybe a cruck, a somewhere in between vehicle. A not too big but not too small vehicle so that Keith can drive the 22 or so miles to work and not be afraid that parts will fall off of his truck on the way there, leaving him stranded alongside the almond groves at 5:30 in the morning. A trar that hopefully will last us for the next ten years or so, considering it's going to take six of those years to pay for it. A cruck that is not bad looking, sporty but not too yuppie-ish, rugged but not too redneck-ish. A vehicle.

We traded in old Big Blue and are donating Little Green to the Goodwill, so we will be a one car family for a while, but we really don't need two cars since I don't really have to go anywhere (like to work) and only having one car is a really good excuse not to go back to work any time soon.

What's really disturbing me about making car payments for the next six years is the fact that I will be 59 by the time this thing is paid for.

Oh, and now I have to go tease Keith about leaving dirty fingerprints on our new cruck.


Jennifer said...

Yeah a new car!!! Or truck or SUV whatever you want to call it. The years might fly by like mine did. My car is paid off now!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nice! Good color too!

Meghan said...

My friend Thea has the same cruck, color & model!!
It drives really well, I know. I've driven it!

Congrats! It's always exciting getting something new to drive!