Sunday, January 4, 2009


We decided to go out for breakfast and go to the antique show at the fairgrounds despite the fact that we are trying not to spend any extra money so that we can save up for a new car or truck or whatever we decide to get.

So, we thought we'd try a restaurant downtown instead of one of our usual spots for breakfast. I like to go to locally owned places when we can, so when we passed a bright yellow what must have originally been a House of Pies building now called Clay's Restaurant, we knew we had to stop and try it out.

What an odd building, it looked really big from the outside, but inside it was long and narrow with the kitchen right smack in the middle. On one side of the kitchen there were two rows of booths with one row of tables in the middle and on the other side of the kitchen were four booths with just an aisle in between that lead to the restrooms. At the entrance there were at least four signs advising us that the restrooms were for paying customers only. We're in homeless people's country here, folks! Yes, Bakersfield has a huge homeless issue like most larger cities do.

As we were seated we noticed that each table had a coffee carafe on it. Now we're talking! Fill up that carafe so we never have to pause in our coffee drinking while waiting for a refill! Ten points earned here!

The food was good, I had a cheese omelette that was made with cheddar, swiss, and parmesan. A little too strong with the swiss, but the combination made for a little more interesting of an omelette than just cheddar. You don't get potatoes with your omelette at Clay's Restaurant, but you do get a choice of toast or pancakes. Good pancakes!

I don't think I'd go out of my way to go eat at Clay's again, but when you go to Clay's Restaurant and Clay is actually there seating you and working the register, that's kind of cool!

The antique show was not worth the five bucks each it cost to get in, unless you are looking for incredibly overpriced dishes and glassware. The lighting in the building is bad, so each booth had really bright lights shining on their tables which made me feel really strange and kind of headachy, like just too much brightness and sensory overload or something. We didn't see much that we would have paid the incredibly high prices for, but I did find two books to cut up for pendants. So, not a total waste of time.

So what did I accomplish today? Not a whole lot, but I did get a lot of pictures taken so I can work on my etsy, shophandmade, and artfire shops. New year, new look, so I'm retaking all my pictures on some different backgrounds and doing some rearranging between shops. Keith accomplished a nap all afternoon.

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