Thursday, January 15, 2009

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I don't like blogs that have an overabundance of links, ads, and other crap on the sides, but am going to add this one since it's to a favorite blog of mine. Later in the week it'll move lower on the page because, well, you know, MY links to MY SHOPS are way more important and must always ALWAYS come first.

So, anyway, about this link. If you click on it you'll wind up at the blog of Courtney Jane, a Utah Mormon housewife who has been blogging about her daily life in the Land of Mormons for oh, I don't know how long, a few years? Last summer her sister and brother-in-law were in a small plane crash in Arizona that killed the pilot and left the sister and brother-in-law with severe burns and other injuries. I think the sister, Stephanie, whose blog is called nienie, was/is an etsy seller or knows etsy sellers or buys from etsy or something to do with etsy and that's where I heard about the plane crash and started reading nienie's blog which in turn led me to c jane's blog.

So, check it out, she doesn't talk that much religion and I don't think they'll find out who you are and send over some church boys in their white shirts, ties, and bicycle helmets to try and convert you or anything. Or at least they haven't been by my house yet, but you never know.

Speaking of Mormons, I just finished watching season one of Big Love and am anxiously waiting until I can justify spending the money on season two so I can find out what happens. Talk about a cliffhanger ending! (which I won't give away here)

If you haven't heard of Big Love, it's all about a polygamist (Bill) who has 3 wives and a whole bunch of kids and owns a home improvement store and has to hide his polygamist lifestyle so he won't get run out of town. The show is fascinating, the characters are great (I especially like Mary Kay Place as one of Bill's mother in laws) and like any good drama, there's always some strange plot twist. And, it's from HBO, so you get to see Bill Paxton's naked bottom every now and then.

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