Thursday, January 22, 2009

In The News

Last night's news had a story about a study done that shows that the effort to clean up the air in certain cities is paying off in longer life expectancies.

Really? No kidding? Cleaner air means healthier people? How about that!?!

To me, the conclusions of this study is one of those 'duh' moments. OF COURSE cleaner air means healthier longer living people, you don't need to spend millions on a study to figure THAT one out!

Okay, and in other, more heartwarming news last night was the story of Mikey's Hot Dogs. This story is from the KGET channel 17 news site:

*A Bakersfield man is launching his own business, but this entrepreneur isn't your typical CEO.

On Thursday, 43 year old Mikey Gauthier will celebrate the grand opening of his business, Mikey's Hot Dog Stand. Mikey (the name he prefers) has a developmental disability, but that hasn't stopped him from pursuing his dream.

He arrived at the Kern Regional Center two years ago and with very few skills. But after saving his own money, and taking a few courses, he's ready to launch his very own business.

"When I was a little kid I used to watch these guys walk around with hot dog carts," said Mikey. "That inspired me, when I got a little older, got a little bigger to say, well maybe I'll go into business myself.'"

The all star café serves as a training ground for Mikey and many like him. It teaches them how to work in the real world and if they desire, how to start their own business. Everything from counting money to marketing and advertising, was all learned at the center.

Those who work with Mikey say they couldn't be happier to see his dreams finally come true. "He is just an awesome guy and we are so fortunate to see him moving on to his own business," said Tracey Mensch, manager at the cafe.

A partnership through Goodwill helped Mikey get his business started from the ground up. Business coach Michael Gresham helped him with permits and licensing process to get his New York City cart to pass local regulations.

"There are always challenges, but we took it one step at a time," said Gresham. "and did everything we had to do with regulations and Kern environmental to make sure he's doing everything by the book."

"I feel great. I feel real, real good about this. I won't be able to sleep tonight," said Mikey.

In addition to Mikey's training he also received financial assistance from Kern Schools Federal Credit Union and other private donors.*

It was fun watching this story and how excited Mikey was, he has one of those little hot dog carts like you see on street corners in big cities. I don't like hot dogs but the story made me want to go find Mikey's cart and get a hot dog! They invited the public to his ribbon cutting ceremony today over at the Goodwill regional center. See, folks, your donations to Goodwill really do help people!

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Anonymous said...

What a very cool story about Mikey!

And I heard the bit about the clean air too... made me giggle as well... But they didn't mention anything about people cutting back/quitting smoking... hmm.. Duh!