Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Fifty years ago in parts of our country there were separate water fountains marked white and colored, like drinking out of the same water fountain as a black person might somehow contaminate you. Black children went to 'separate but equal' schools. If you were black you sat in the back of the bus and never looked a white person in the eye. All white people were 'sir and ma'am' while you were called girl or boy no matter your age. You couldn't eat in the same restaurant as white people.

And then last night we elected a black man as our president. I'm proud to have been one of those votes.

This is the first presidential election that I've ever watched as closely or cared as much about who won. In past years I've pretty much voted for the 'lesser of two evils'-whichever candidate will do the least damage to our country. Politicians were like a used car salesman-not to be trusted and by all means don't believe anything they say.

Last night we watched the returns on TV, as I'm sure most Americans did. I was really impressed with McCain's speech and the smile he kept on his face despite his loss. And then to see the huge crowds that had been waiting for hours to see Obama in that Chicago park.

My first thought upon hearing how long these people had been in the park was 'where did they all go to the bathroom or did they all just show up wearing Depends so they wouldn't lose their place in the crowd?' During Obama's speech they showed Oprah all squished in the crowd of people. I was really surprised that they hadn't set up a special Oprah area for her with like a throne or something for her to sit on-ha ha.

Now that the election is over (finally-whew!) it's going to be interesting to see how Obama does in cleaning up this huge mess our country is in right now.

I just want my TAX BREAK next April as promised!

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