Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Are

Those dumb people that let their sprinklers run when it's raining.

We actually had RAIN last night. RAIN! Glorious RAIN! It never rains here, so excuse me if I get a little excited about RAIN!

And, of course, this morning our automatic sprinklers come on to water our already watered from the RAIN yard.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much!

We are going out for Thanksgiving Day breakfast tomorrow at Mimi's Cafe-yum yum. If you've never tried their muffins, the buttermilk spice one is especially delicious. I'm having one of those. Then we are going to Keith's brother's for dinner which I am thankful for because that means that I don't have to cook, which I probably wouldn't have done anyway.

We do have a turkey in our freezer, we were shopping at Save Mart last weekend and the cashier says 'would you like a free turkey or turkey breast?' Free? You betcha! We'll take the turkey breast since we don't like the legs anyway, so we have a legless turkey in the freezer. Maybe I'll even cook it one of these days.

And, no, I'm NOT going shopping at 4am on Friday. I was in a walmart on the day after Thanksgiving one year, purely by mistake, and vowed never ever ever to go in any stores the day after Thanksgiving ever ever again. No, thanks!

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