Sunday, November 2, 2008


Was kind of boring. It seemed like about 2/3 of the houses on our street were dark, either nobody home, or they were hiding inside with the lights out. What a bunch of cheap ass party poopers! The turnout of trick or treaters was kind of light, too. We were getting bored sitting outside and wanted to go for a walk, so we gave all the rest of the candy to the last few kids. One of them was about 3 and dressed in a police uniform-so cute! He just stood there with that funny little kid grin on his face while I kept cramming candy into his bag!

Then, later in the evening, our neighbor's teenage daughter came over with a little black halloween kitten that she and her friend had found in a box in the street. 'Please can you take this kitten, my dad won't let me keep it! please please please?!?'

Um, no, we already have six cats.

Cutest little all black kitty about 8 weeks old, very friendly and loving, but with six cats already we just couldn't do it. We put it in the bathroom for the night with some food and water and tried not to let the other cats see it and get all freaked out, but they knew something was up. At one point we had three cats all huddled by the bathroom door trying to look under it and see what the heck was in there.

So, in the morning we went over to the SPCA, but they are full so they couldn't take the kitten, and the only other alternative was the pound. All the way there Keith and I discussed keeping it, but with all the kitten shots and deworming and vet bills and stress on the six cats we already have, we just couldn't do it. Cute as the kitten was, we just couldn't keep it.

Sad alternative, but all we can do is hope that maybe someone is looking for a little black kitty to adopt and will find their way to the pound and pick out this kitty. Not very likely, but like I told Keith, much as we'd like to we just can't rescue all the little kitties out there.

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