Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fake Rain and Fake Grass

Yesterday morning we woke up to cloudy skies-very unusual in these parts! Clouds mean rain maybe? Blessed wet rain that will wash my car and nurture my parched lawn and trees?

Yes, it rained. See, can you see the raindrops on the sidewalk? All five of them?

No, wait, there's six of them there-see those dark spots? Rain!

Today, we went to the Home and Garden show at the fairgrounds. If we had an extra 20 or 30 thousand dollars we could have spent it real easily today, on things like a new sunroom, new blinds, new flooring, an actual manufactured house that we got to tour-think triple wide mobile home with a huge front porch. I was ready to trade this house in for that one right on the spot, it was so nice inside. But the best thing we found was the fake lawn that you can have installed for you at about the same price as carpeting. They had like five different varieties of 'grass' you could choose from, and I dare anyone to be able to tell the difference from the real thing. They even gave us a sample.

Look how green and lush that 'grass' is, especially on the backdrop of our real lawn. The real lawn that is always in need of water, fertilizer, and mowing, and the real lawn that if you don't water, fertilize, and mow it, causes letters to be sent to you from the homeowners association about the neglected state of your lawn.

The cats thought it was real, too, and tried to eat it.

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