Friday, October 3, 2008

The Candidates Debate

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the debate last night. I actually like Sarah Palin after watching it. She certainly did her homework and was well prepared for the whole thing and came off as a pretty likeable person. But if I never hear the words 'maverick' or 'joe six pack american' again I won't be too upset. I'm still not going to vote for her, but I have a new respect for her after watching last night. She may not be as dumb as we all thought.


Meghan said...

I watched the debate as well, and I was going to knock my tv over if she said 'Maverick" one more time. She annoyed the crap outta me... I don't know why but to me she seemed -- SO FAKE!

Jennifer said...

I refuse to watch anymore debates. I get bored and I hate trying to follow what they are talking about. Here's a funny story though, Theresa has been brainwashed by her parents. She says that John McCain is the next president. It is actually pretty funny to hear her say it. I am going to try and upload a video of it soon.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We listened to it on internet radio, so couldn't see their faces. She did come through as more intelligent than I thought she would, HOWEVER it bothered me when she said "gonna" instead of "going to" and "somethin" instead of "something". Eek.
She did way less talking bad about the other candidate than Joe did, which we found interesting. Had to give her a little credit for that.
Sometimes I miss TV (but not very often!).

Lotta said...