Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Pleasant Saturday

We had another fun day today, although tiring because we are so old and out of shape and walked a lot, anyway. (Keith is taking a nap as I'm typing this).

Today was the semi-annual Peddler's Fair, which I've blogged about before, and which is held at the outdoor Kern County Museum.

The turnout of vendors was a little less than in the spring, and a lot of them had the same old stuff as last time, some had just plain old junk and I wondered how they would even make back the rather expensive booth fee selling just plain old junk. But I found a few magazines and books for pendants, and this sign, which we debated about while we went around the show, and then decided to go back and get. If I had decided not to get this I know I would have gone home and been mad at myself for not buying it. As it was, the other sign that the vendor had for a toss game was gone when we got back. He had a couple of big white and aqua motel vacancy signs that we were really tempted by, too, and now I'm sorry I didn't grab one.

Here is the sign. It's pretty big, about 2x3', and I'm assuming it came from a carnival game booth.

And, I found this chick and bunny salt and pepper set, which I know isn't vintage or anything, but was cute and cheap.

And this little half of a salt and pepper set.

And then, we were hungry and didn't want show food, so we went to the Five and Dime Antique Mall and had some diner food and shopped a little there, too, where I found this little duck on sale for only $2.00!

Not that I need ducks or bunnies or fawns, but it's been a long time since I bought any of this kind of stuff, and the price and the cuteness were right!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

"Another Pleasant Saturday". Yep, I had one of those too! Oh wait, no I didn't. I had a category 2 hurricane with the eye about 50 miles away - what fun!

Lotta said...

Great finds! I love those old signs too. And I hate when I still recall things I wished I had picked up!