Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weird Dream

Keith has been working on the back yard for months now, totally neglecting all the unfinished business inside the house-still no kitchen or hallway flooring. So yesterday he orders a whole bunch of gravel to be dumped onto our driveway on Saturday morning. To put in the back yard. The back yard that really isn't ready yet for gravel to be put down. The back yard that will be 105 in the shade this weekend.

$260.00 worth of gravel. To go in the back yard.

So, early this morning I woke up really really angry because I had this dream that the gravel was delivered and it was four very small piles of rocks. Very small, like a bag of gravel that you would buy at Home Depot for $4.99. Four very small piles of gravel. That cost $260.00.

Photos of our gravel pile to come after it's dumped in the driveway. I just hope it doesn't sit in the driveway for the next few months.

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