Monday, July 14, 2008


We went to see Wanted yesterday afternoon. Pretty good movie with lots of action and a fun time watching it. However, I really do need to think about those Depends again, I always have to go to the bathroom and miss part of the movie.

We were talking about all the special effects and how movies just keep having to get more and more out there with the car chases and the bullets smashing into each other and the train falling into the gorge-they didn't show how they got back out of the gorge and I kind of wondered about that. I know so much is all computer generated now, which kind of seems like cheating to me, but it's like the movie going public has seen it all and they have to wrack their brains to think of enough excitement to keep us in our seats and paying those high ticket prices.

Like the preview we saw for Jason Statham's new movie-Death Race or whatever. It looks like a remake of all the drive in type car chase movies from the sixties and seventies-in other words, totally stupid-but with much much better special effects and more bloodshed. Much as I like Jason Statham I don't think I'd pay to see this one.

The new mummy movie looks good, though, and again, they just have to keep adding more and more to these movies to get you to want to go see them. Thousands of skeleton warriors and arrows flying and big dragons coming to get you and low flying airplanes and huge battles between mummies and skeletons and real people in there somewhere too.

It takes a lot to get me to actually get out of the house and drive to the theatre and then fork over twenty bucks for us to see a movie when we could just wait a few months and rent it for 3.99, but with some movies you just have to see it on the big screen with that surround sound, although the big screen is more like the medium screen these days.

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Meghan said...

you know i just saw it too... and i was gonna write a review. but you summed it up. good casting though. :]