Friday, July 25, 2008

Bonus Check!

Keith came home with his quarterly safety award bonus check yesterday. He had to sit through a very boring safety meeting after working and sweating in the 99 degree heat all day yesterday in order to get it though. They have some sort of sliding scale for these checks depending on your length of time working for the company but other than that who knows where they came up with the odd figure of 427.00 before taxes. Yes, they take taxes out of bonus checks. Sigh...

So, anyway, he comes home with this check which coincidentally came right after Mimi's vet visit that cost 217.00-see the kitties blog at for all things kitty-and we were discussing what to do with it. Since it's his bonus I told him he could do whatever he wanted with it or we could just put it in the savings account for now.

His idea was to go get yet another kitty condo for our very spoiled cats who apparently don't have enough kitty condos yet.
As you can see here, we have two kitty condos already plus a kitty blanket in the corner for those who need cushiness for their naps. Keith's idea was to move the short condo and get another tall condo so that it's easier for the cats to run up the condo, run across the entertainment center and run back down the condo on the other end. Not that they don't do this already.

I reminded him that his truck is falling apart, more vet bills are coming up, I still need to go have gum surgery, and we have to send his daughter some promised money for a bed for her new apartment.

So, I think yet another kitty condo is low on the old priority list at this time.


Anonymous said...

Ha! But it's kind of cute in a way, that he loves those kitties so much, he wants to get them another condo... *giggles*

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I have a very funny brother-in-law!