Friday, June 20, 2008

Yes, It's Tacky

From the Etsy forums:

A friend of a friend recently had a baby shower where NOTHING was purchased off of the girl's registry. Instead, people said "I don't need to shop off of a registry, I'm a mom and I know what a baby needs." This resulted in her receiving about 50 gift baskets FULL of butt cream and baby powder but no clothes, toys or baby stuffs (jumpers, swings, cradle) that she had asked for.

What is she going to do with 50 things of butt cream (and no receipts to take it back)? She had to go out and buy her whole registry herself just to prepare for the birth of her baby. Ahhh!!

I have a few friends myself who are pregnant who have put inserts into their invitations saying: "I'm registered here. Please no 0-3 clothes. Furniture and toiletries are already purchased, please refer to the registry for things we are in need of."

I think this is fine personally. I honestly can't afford to buy my whole registry myself if no one uses it so I'm considering doing this for my up-coming showers. What is the consensus here? Would an insert like that be perceived as "rude?"
Huh...yes, it would be perceived as rude and tacky to instruct your guests as to what they should buy. If I received an invitation that said in essence 'please don't buy *this* and *this* because what I really need/want is *this*', don't think I'd be going to that shower.

I suggested that all the tubes of butt cream could be donated to a homeless or women's shelter and they could take a tax write off but that idea wasn't received too well.

And as far as not being able to afford to buy the stuff for your baby yourself, um, what are you going to do when this kid starts growing and you can't afford to buy baby food? Have a baby food shower-and be sure to tell your guests what brand and flavors of baby food to buy?

How about when the kid starts school and you can't afford to get school clothes and supplies? Have a back to school shower-and still be sure to tell your guests what and where to buy from?

What ever happened to the days when gifts were a pleasant surprise, not something that you were told where to shop for and exactly what to buy and God help you if you don't shop off of the registry?

Oh, that poor girl stuck with all those tubes of butt cream from her terribly thoughtless shower guests!

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Jennifer said...

That is funny!! You can always use butt cream. People register for what they want and need and most people will buy stuff off the registry, that's why it's there so you don't have to guess what they want!!