Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fur is Flying on Etsy Today

An unhappy buyer started a thread requesting that fur be banned from etsy, as they are a vegan and find fur disgusting. Well, good for them. Why do vegans and vegetarians always have to preface every statement with the fact that they are vegan or vegetarian? I don't start my posts by saying 'as a carnivore, I find the lack of meat products on etsy disgusting and I think all vegan products should be banned!'

I remember when I was a kid my mother had some kind of animal stole-maybe a fox?-that still had the feet and head attached. The head had like a spring clip in it so you could put the stole around your shoulders and clip the head to the tail of the animal. Creepy? Yes, but I used to have so much fun playing with that little animal mouth, opening and closing the clip to make the mouth open and close. I think the stole originally belonged to one of my grandmothers who were always properly dressed with their fur stoles, hats, and gloves.

Here they are, along with my grandfather, but this picture was taken at my mom's June wedding, so no furs! Too hot for summer.
You don't see people dressed as elegantly today, do you?

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Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

That's my favorite picture of the grandmas! What incredible style...
I remember Mom's fox thing too. I just don't think I got to play with it as much as you.