Thursday, May 15, 2008

All Fixed!

The last one got her spay yesterday, so all six kitties are now spayed, neutered, and ready to go. Poor little Mimi was really groggy when I brought her home yesterday, stumbling around and crashing into things with her radar dish. She just can't figure out why she has to stay in the bedroom, and what the heck is this thing around my neck anyway? This morning she woke me up at 5 am, walking across me and nipping at me. Wake up! Feed me! She ate a lot this morning, she's a finicky eater and is really skinny, but she ate a whole can of food! She was hungry!
It's driving Buddy nuts that he can't come in the bedroom, every time I go in or out, he's right there-what's in there, what are you hiding? When he saw Lucy after her spay he hissed at her because the collar scared him, so I don't want him sneaking in and getting all freaked out again. Ten more days of separation and having to wear a weird thing around her neck!

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