Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TV Review Day

First off, it's tax day, so get ALL your money together and send it in to Uncle Sam! Right now!

Now on to TV review day.
I don't watch much regular network TV and we don't have cable, so there are no 500 channels of TV crap available at our house. I get really irritated by commercials and stupid shows, but I do like to watch shows that I've heard about on DVD.
I recently got the first season of The New Adventures of Old Christine because I'd read good reviews and I think the show got some sort of awards at some sort of awards show on TV, award shows being another thing I dislike about network TV.
Anyway, I like Julia Louise Dreyfuss from the Seinfeld days, so I thought I'd give this show a try. Well, she's funny and a good comedic actress, but that kid on the show kind of ruined the whole show for me. He was just trying too hard to be cute and precocious and I can't stand cute and precocious child actors. Give me the kid from Two and A Half Men, kind of funny looking and chubby and not obviously 'acting'. I want to see a kid like the one that Meredith brought to work on The Office-one who's been suspended from school and calls Dwight Mister Poop. Now there's a real kid. Give me Little Miss Sunshine with her glasses and chubby belly and her hair in a scrunchie doing a strip tease at the beauty pageant. I want realism when I watch a show with a kid on it, boogers and all.
So, while there are a few laughs in this show, the box set is currently in the Going to the Goodwill bag, not something I'd ever watch again.

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Jennifer said...

I love Little Miss Sunshine!!! I can watch her strip tease over and over again. And I love that fact that the whole ending was filmed right here in Ventura!!!