Friday, April 18, 2008

Ooh, Walmart's Gonna Sell Booze!

I had to go to walmart this morning for more bubble wrap, bubble envelopes, packing tape, printer ink, cleaning supplies and all that other crap that you go to walmart for and as I was leaving I noticed one of those big 'intent to sell alcoholic beverages' signs on the door. I'm sure they won't be selling hard liquor, but beer and wine yes. Now the walmart haters will have something new to complain about. Not only is walmart running all the mom and pops out of business, forcing people to work at slave labor wages in their stores, polluting the environment with all the plastic bags, supporting sweatshops in foreign countries, and eating kittens and puppies for breakfast, now they'll be supporting ALCOHOLISM too! Yahoo!!

If you ever venture into the forums on etsy, chances are there will be a thread about the evils of walmart and someone will of course state that they would never shop there and would never buy from an etsy seller who shops there and blah blah blah. My favorite is how walmart is running the mom and pops out of business. Hey, walmart STARTED OUT as a mom and pop but were just a little smarter than the average mom and pop and made a multi billion dollar business out of said mom and pop. Isn't that the American dream? Start small and build big and make millions of dollars and buy a big house and raise some ungrateful kids who can't wait until you die so that they can inherit the millions of dollars? Go, Sam!

And now you'll be able to raise a toast to good old Sam with the beer and wine that you'll soon be able to buy-at a discount no less!-at your favorite neighborhood walmart!!

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