Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Movie Night-Dan in Real Life

Sorry, it was not blissfully funny and touching. Meh.
Storyline: Dan is a widower with three girls who goes to the family 'cabin' by some water somewhere where it must be kind of chilly because everybody is wearing scarves. The house is huge and full of family and kids and grandparents and everybody is good looking and nice and everybody is getting along great with everybody else and they're concerned about poor Dan because he is a widower with three girls and needs to find love in his life.
So...he gets sent into town to pick up the newspapers and of course meets a woman in the bait shop/bookstore and falls in love. Then he goes home with the newspapers, tells his family about the woman he just met, only to find out that the woman he has just fallen in love with is his brother's new girlfriend-who just happens to have been invited along to spend vacation time with the rest of the huge family.
Now, a lot of issues could have been avoided if Dan had only said "oh, my god, that's the woman I just met and fell in love with!'
But, noooo, wouldn't have much of a story then, now would we?
So, the vacation goes along with Dan and the woman trying not to let on that they are in love with each other. This family is just much too cozy, having a boys against girls crossword puzzle competition, everyone doing aerobics together on the front lawn, going to the beach (in scarves and jackets) together, playing charades together, playing football on the front lawn together, and putting on a talent show together. Who are these people-the freaking Kennedys?
Just too much togetherness for me, and of course the matriarch and patriarch of the family are all wise and patient and all knowing and so concerned for poor Dan who is a widower with three girls and needs to find love in his life.
And then, with all these people in this huge house all eating together making messes in the huge kitchen and they don't have a dishwasher? Come on, if you can afford this huge house and can afford to feed this huge family, you can afford a damn dishwasher!
So, in the end, Dan gets the girl and gets married on the front lawn with the whole huge family there and happily ever after.
I want to see the sequel to this movie after married life goes on for a little while-fighting about the woman having slept with Dan's brother first and do we HAVE to go do aerobics and play football with your family AGAIN. Can't we take a vacation by ourselves without the whole damn family in our faces? And the girls telling the new wife 'You're not my REAL mother, you can't tell me what to do!!'
I think I'd like the sequel better.


Jennifer said...

We just watched this movie over the weekend and I knew right away when he meet the girl in the bookstore that she was the brother's girlfriend which was why Dan had to sleep in the basement. The family was a little to wacky for me!!! WE also rented Death at a funeral, which a werid british comedy.I liked it Jeremy thought it was werid.

Meghan said...

I saw this movie in the theater, and I was told that is was light hearted and that I should go and see it. I took Ryan and he was not impressed. I thought it was okay, but Steve Carrell was WAY better in 40 Year-Old Virgin.

Jim & Heather on catamaran "Meerkat" said...

Widower with 3 girls... no thanks. Heard the same kind of stuff from my friend Susan. We did see a movie this year!! Ha ha - the first one in about 3 years actually... The Bucket List! Liked it - perfect for what we are doing, what Meghan is doing & for what Renee is doing. GO LIVE!