Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's What Really Happened

So, Keith got home tonight and I was telling him about the rice a roni incident and he filled me in on the whole story.
He gets up early, really really early because he has to be at work at 6am and it's a 30 minute drive. So he gets up really early and stumbles out to the kitchen and turns on the coffeepot that I have so thoughtfully filled up with water and coffee the night before, and he finds boxes of food all over the kitchen floor. A box of instant oatmeal with huge teeth marks and pieces ripped out of it, the aforementioned box of rice a roni, a box of granola bars with teeth marks in it, one stray granola bar with teeth marks in it, and a single mini bag of cheetos (told you the cats liked cheetos) that the cats got OUT of the big bag that holds all the mini bags of cheetos, also with teeth marks in it.
My guess is that Buddy, who I blame everything on because he is the baddest one, got really hungry during the night. We've not been leaving food out overnight because Pepper is supposed to be on a diet and should only eat twice a day rather that all day and all night.
So, Buddy must have jumped up into the pantry, which has no door on it because Keith has not put the new door on it yet (and it's been since Christmas that the door has been off) and just had a great time up in there searching for something yummy. The only thing he didn't rip into was the bag of meow mix CAT FOOD that was on the shelf right near the granola bars and oatmeal.
So, tonight we are leaving the cat food bowls out filled with nice fresh meow mix!

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