Friday, March 21, 2008

Oops, We Did it Again!

Keith put in one of those clear pet doors in the door to the garage so that the cats could go out there and run around in all the garage mess. The kittens figured it out really quickly, but the big cats are hesitant to use the door. Poor Little Bit goes out there and then just sits there looking through the door hoping one of us will see her and open the door for her. I've seen Pepper and Bear going through the door, so I know they can do it, they just don't like to. The kittens love it and when they get all hyped up they chase each other through the door at about 90 miles an hour-bang bang bang! They go through so fast that they sometimes step on the little latch and lock themselves in the garage. This morning I heard all the banging and came out into the kitchen a little later and saw three big kittens peering through the door at me. Oops!

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