Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cat's in the Cupboard

An open cupboard door is not necessarily an invitation, kids!

When I was discussing quitting walmart and doing etsy full time last year with Keith, I told him 'think how much more stuff I'll be able to get done if I don't have to work at walmart?'
And he bought it! HAHAHAHAHA!
I promised him more home cooked meals and a cleaner, more organized house. HAHAHAHAHA!
I bought some fancy lock together drawer organizers for the kitchen. Did I immediately take my fancy new organizers and go clean out those kitchen drawers? NO!
They sat there on top of the dryer for oh, about 3 weeks or so, and last weekend I finally took them out of their plastic wrap and ORGANIZED MY KITCHEN DRAWERS!
It's amazing how much crap you stuff into your drawers just to get if off the counter.
And it's also amazing how many little labor saving kitchen utensils we buy in the hopes that we will enjoy cooking a little more. Those little corn holder things shaped like ears of corn that you stab into the ends of the corn on the cob so you won't burn your fingers? But you still burn your fingers trying to stab those little holders into the corn? What a pain in the ass those are-you reach into your jumbled kitchen drawer looking for a melon baller and instead get stabbed with a corn shaped corn on the cob holder. And why do I have a weird little cheese slicer? We buy our cheese pre-sliced. Always.
So, into the trash went a lot of these little not so helpful kitchen helpers, and my drawers got organized. We put our silverware into a different drawer so now I keep opening the wrong drawer looking for a spoon.

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