Sunday, February 3, 2008


I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of my favorite person-ME-and remembered about the photo disc of all sorts of family photos that were shown during my dad's memorial service almost two years ago. As far as funerals and memorials go, his was one of the best-if you can call any of them good-that I've ever been to. We chartered a boat for a sunset cruise and dinner and scattered his ashes at sea. Thanks to Heather and her good friends for putting it all together and putting all the photos together, too.

This was always one of my favorite pictures of the three of us-before those 'other' two kids just had to come along! That's me on the right with Gary in the middle and Linda on the left. This was probably taken around 1957 or so. Weren't we cute!

These two were probably around the same time. These were taken at my Grandfather's ranch in Ventura Ca-he had horses and my mom said that he really liked taking the grandkids to get them new cowboy-and cowgirl-hats.

I guess they couldn't cram all three of us on the same horse! Looks like we were really proud to be cowkids for the day riding and roping!

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Jennifer said...

If I did not know this picture then I would think that Gary was Zak. They really look alike