Wednesday, February 20, 2008


What is it with fresh cat litter? Does the smell trigger that 'I gotta go and right now' thing in the kitties? We were adding some cat litter to the pans last night and Mimi just couldn't wait. She couldn't quite squeeze herself into the litter box but she was trying really hard, just digging away in there.
We always buy this brand of litter, it has a nice smell and the house doesn't stink of cat peepee.

Buddy likes to crawl under our bedspread and sleep all covered up. This lump is Buddy.
You have to check the bed before you flop yourself down on it to make sure you won't squish a kitty.

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Anonymous said...

Hehee... what is it with cats doing that anyways? I don't get it either... but we still love em'!