Friday, February 29, 2008

Etsy on Martha Stewart

Today, the founder of etsy, Rob was featured on the Martha Stewart show. Now, I've never watched this show before and was definitely underimpressed. I guess if I were really really really bored I might watch this again someday. Really really really bored.
He was on for just a few minutes with a table of things from some of the top sellers on etsy. I just jumped over to the etsy forums because I fully expected to see some 'it's just not fair to always feature the top sellers what about us that don't sell so much?' type of threads and was kind of surprised not to see any. A lot of the sellers on etsy are quite inexperienced in business and look at etsy as a 'feel good life is always fair and nobody should actually make any money, it should all be art for art's sake' kind of place. Some even go so far as to make anyone who actually makes money at their craft feel kind of guilty like they are 'selling out'.
Huh, not me, etsy is my place of business, not my social circle, and if I weren't making any money at it, I certainly wouldn't be hanging around.
I've been trying to stay away from the forums lately, they are starting to irritate me.

But, back to Martha. I thought it was kind of strange that at the beginning of the show she was eating frogs legs in a French restaurant and then halfway through the show she featured a man with a bunch of endangered frogs in a portable pond. Hmm, did she invite him to bring his little friends for lunch??

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