Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's New and Murphy's Law Redux

I've been working on some new pendant ideas. I found these plexiglass tiles at the local scrapbook shop, which is a treasure trove of papers and other fun things. My first thought was of course to solder around these, but the solder is a little too hot and made the paper inside all weird, like maybe the plexiglass was melting a little. So, I had the idea of mounting the paper on the tile and sealing it with my favorite gloss, diamond glaze. I love sparkly things, so the rhinestones were a given.

Oh, by the way, these pendants are currently available in my etsy shop:

A new job, a lapse in insurance coverage, and a holiday weekend means someone is going to need to see a doctor, right? Of course!
So, a week or so ago, Keith was saying that his... ahem...balls were kind of hurting, and then Friday night he was, um, scratching his you knows, and he finds this huge lump in his testicle. Of course our first thought is cancer, what else do you think when you find a lump in your body that wasn't there last time you checked? And of course, this is a holiday weekend and I'm sure all the medical offices in town are all closed and everyone is in Las Vegas for the weekend. Did we want to wait until Wednesday to call our regular doctor? No, yesterday morning we went to a new urgent care center nearby and got in to see a doctor who said the first thing was to get an ultrasound. Of course nobody's open until Wednesday for an ultrasound, but he eased our minds a little because he thinks it may be a cyst. It's in the area where Keith's vasectomy clamp is and Keith says the clamp has always bothered him a little, so we are hoping something is up with the clamp and it is just a cyst and it can be drained or whatever easily. The last thing you want when you've only been on your new job for two weeks is having to be out for surgery or something. So, tomorrow I'll call the imaging center hoping they'll actually be open to make an appointment and find out how much it costs without insurance. We've signed up for cobra coverage but it won't take effect for 30-60 days and the paperwork says you may just be shit out of luck if you need to see a doctor in the meantime. You 'may' be able to be reimbursed, but I'll believe it when I see it.
The urgent care center is great, though, they are open 7 days a week from 8-10 M-F and 8-7 on the weekends. Really nice to know that there's someplace close by for emergencies.

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