Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Really Hate Grocery Shopping...and cooking

Today we absolutely had to go to the grocery store since I was almost out of my french vanilla flavored creamer and can't have my coffee or tea without it. I know the fake creamers are not good for you but I just don't care, nothing makes my tea and coffee taste as good. So, off to Vons even though they are a little more expensive, they have a Starbucks inside and some Starbucks can help make grocery shopping a little more endurable.
Since I really hate to cook and our kitchen is still torn up waiting for a new floor and I really don't want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in it, of course we end up buying a lot of ready to cook frozen stuff.
Here is the absolute in hate to cook, want to eat now, want it as easy as possible food:
Fully cooked microwaveable hamburgers and 4 minute microwave french fries!!! This is about as easy as it gets, folks!
Okay, well, going to McDonalds may be easier, but you have to actually leave the house for that. These frozen burgers are right there in your freezer ready to pop in the microwave and eat in about 2 minutes! And they actually taste pretty good! Now, the french fries leave a little to be desired, they kind of taste like the ones at McDonalds that have been sitting under the heat lamp for a few hours. Those I won't buy again.

After about 150.00 and an hour or so, we got back home and put all the food away. Then my husband opens the refrigerator looking for something to eat and of course says 'there's nothing to eat!'

We both want to live in the future like the Jetsons where you just push a few buttons and a fully cooked meal of your choice pops out of the wall. The ultimate in laziness. And we need the robot too!

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