Friday, August 24, 2007

Torn Up Kitchen

This is the latest home improvement project that my husband is beginning. Now, when I say beginning remember the garden shed and the craft room that are still not finished. Our house is very small with one of those great room floor plans, meaning that the kitchen is part of the dining room which is part of the living room. Yes, one 'big' room. Or small, considering our house is 999 square feet. The island in the kitchen originally was parallel to the counter with the sink, making it necessary to go around it every time you wanted to get to the other side of the kitchen where the pantry and trash cans are. Meaning that you would either sqeeze in between the end of the island and the refrigerator or step out into the carpet area of the 'great room', or as we like to call it the 'not so great room', usually leaving a trail of drippings from whatever it is you are trying to get to the trash can. Now why don't you put your trash can under the sink you might ask? Because it doesn't fit!
So, anyway, my husband decides that he wants to see if he can turn the island around to make more floor space in the kitchen and also make it look a little more like the room is separate from the rest of the not so great room. Amazingly enough, it worked.But moving the island required tearing up some of the nasty dripped on carpet and the lovely stained linoleum. So now part of our kitchen floor is concrete. With a big crack running through it.
His idea for the island is to make a breakfast counter on the side that faces out with posts and shelving running up to the ceiling to give the illusion of the kitchen actually being a separate room. After using my visualization skills, I think this is actually a good idea. The kitchen already feels larger and some extra shelves would be great for my little kitcheny doo-dads that currently are sitting in a box somewhere in the garage because right now I have no place to put them.
So, maybe in oh, six months to a year, we will have a new custom built island room divider breakfast counter thing. Someday.
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