Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Work In Progress

My husband has been working on fixing up the spare bedroom into my own little 'studio'.
He bought these do it yourself cabinets from Home Depot on the 'buy now on your credit card at no interest for 10 months' plan last December. The cabinets were stacked against the wall in our bedroom for, oh, about 6 months, before he started to work on them. Now, my husband is a perfectionist when it comes to home improvements, but also a procrastinator and a start now, finish it next year kind of guy, so for him to actually finish a project is really saying something. He does a great job but it does take him a looooong time.
As an example, he began to build a shed in our backyard last summer. It is still not finished, but when it is, it will withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, fires, and floods. It will be the most well built garden shed in all of California. People will come from miles around to view this modern wonder of carpentry. Some day....when it's finished. Maybe in a few years...
In the meantime, the studio is almost done, just need to spackle and paint here and there and get my workbench and flooring installed, and I'll spend my days in my built from love custom studio!
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iSew said...

Looks good so far.
I think your husband and my boyfriend should get together and procrastinate. I've got the EXACT same issue here. ugh!

Jim & Heather on catamaran "Meerkat" said...

So that's why your husband gets along with my husband!! I'm like the shoe-makers wife - except I'm the boat-repairman's wife. Our wood for our floor has been all cut out and laying on the floor for a year, but is it "stuck" down or trimmed or finished around the edges?
From your sister!