Thursday, September 1, 2016

One year closer to the grave, ha ha

So I just had my 61st birthday this week. I still do not understand how I got so old and it may have been a psychological thing but the day after my 61st I woke up extra tired and extra achy and was that way all day, being a year older and all.

It was also our 13th anniversary and we did go out to eat that day, twice actually. We went to Applebee's for lunch and were not real impressed with the food. We both ordered one of their 'healthier' lower calorie options (so that we could have DESSERT!) and his was okay, a shrimp stir fry, but mine was kind of blah, some grilled chicken with apple relish on it. Basically cut up Granny Smith apples in some kind of sauce. The apples helped with the flavor of the chicken, it being just basically a plain chicken breast. It was supposed to have a side of quinoa with cranberries and pecans in it but it was white rice with cranberries and pecans so I don't quite know what happened there. Anyway, Applebee's had been off of our list of places to eat for quite a while because we had been disappointed the last time we were there but thought we would give them another try. I don't think we will bother going back again anytime soon. They took our favorite thing off the menu, chips with queso cheese dip and now charge you $4.00 for chips with salsa instead. Blah.

Joe had come over on his way home from work later in the afternoon to visit a bit so we all went over to IHOP and had breakfast for our dinner, which was better tasting and way cheaper than the Applebee's lunch.

I got some yarn from Herrschners and really liked it, a cotton craft yarn on the order of Sugar and Cream but way softer and nicer and much easier to work with. The Sugar and Cream is so stiff sometimes and splits easily and I was very frustrated trying to work with it. The yarn from Herrschners is  Village Yarn craft cotton, it comes in lots of colors and right now it's only $1.79 a skein. It must be on sale right now because I paid $2.49 for my skeins which is still a bargain price for the quality.
I'm really happy with how it performs, they also have a lighter weight cotton poly blend yarn that I really like the quality of. This also comes in lots of colors and is currently priced at $1.99 a skein. They are not big huge skeins like acrylic yarns but you still get quite a bit of yarn in them.
My most recent order of yarn came yesterday so it was like a day after birthday present for me!

I also got some crackers in the mail yesterday, I had read about these Simple Mills almond flour cheese crackers in a magazine so found the Simple Mills website and ordered some. I tried some today and they are almost (but not quite!) like eating Cheez-Its which I totally love and miss a great deal since I'm not supposed to eat crackers. The Simple Mills still have carbs in them but they come from almonds I guess. They are paleo-friendly, grain free and soy free. They have 4 flavors of the crackers and also have almond flour baking mixes. I got some pancake mix and chocolate muffin/cake mix, neither of which I have tried yet but I'm hoping they are as good as the crackers.
They are not cheap at $4.99 a box but they were quickly shipped and the website updated me with tracking info and also a notice on delivery day to be on the lookout for them.

I do love shopping online, so much easier than running around town in the heat, finding parking, standing in lines, getting all sweaty because it's hot outside, etc. etc. etc. The shipping charges are well worth the convenience I think.


Regina Means said...

Every time I go to Applebees I am not impressed with their menu either. I am not very old but it seems every time my birthday comes I can physically feel it too.

Unknown said...

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harada57 said...
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