Friday, September 2, 2016

Mimi In The Box

I had this box that a yarn order had come in sitting on the kitchen table. I hadn't quite emptied out all of the yarn but that did not stop Mimi from getting in the box and making herself quite comfortable.
And here is something I made with some of that yarn that came in the box. This is made with the craft cotton yarn from Herrchner's, a set of mandala placemats that were a lot of fun to make. These will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop as soon as I can figure out the price.

I also have some sets of dishcloth/washcloths that are quick and easy to whip up.

The first set is made with the same yarn as the placemats, the second with some Premiere Home cotton yarn from Herrchner's, a little rougher utility type cotton that is only $1.50 a skein and also crochets up much easier and with less frustration than the Sugar and Cream yarns, a yarn I will never buy again no matter how tempting the colors are, I just don't like working with it.

And some more coasters with the cotton/poly blend lighter weight yarn.


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