Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cheap Decorating With Walmart and Yikes! It's Been a Long Time Since I Posted on Here!

Keith went to Walmart on his way home from work the other night. Or morning depending on how you look at it. He had made some steaks for us a few weeks ago and they were very good and very tender but very hard to cut with our old cheap steak knives, so it struck him in the middle of the night that he should go buy some new knives. He also found this placemat that was 89c. They only had one of them and it's one of those incredibly thin, incredibly cheaply made placemats but hey, it looks kind of cute hanging up on door that goes into the garage! I used that putty stuff to hang it with, totally removable if you get bored with what's hanging there and no damage to the paint on the wall or door or wherever.

Buddy went to the vet last week, I had noticed that he was walking around with one eye shut and the eye was all red around the edges of it, so Keith called the vet and took him over there. It took us three tries to get Buddy in the cat carrier and he cried all the way there but he got there. I told Keith it was his turn to wrangle an animal, vet visits and cleaning up after animals always seems to fall on me. It was a good thing that his eye was all red because it turned out that he had an ear infection too, which we would have never known if not for the eye thing. He got a lot of meds which I can't give him by myself, it is a two person job to deal with Buddy, so he's missed some of his doses but does seem to be feeling better, back to his usual a little bit cranky self. He's been a little extra cranky this past week because food is now limited, no grazing whenever he (or any of the other cats) wants a little snack or is bored. He weighs an astonishing 25 pounds! He is a big big boy.
I was trying to get a picture of him out in the yard and of course Miss Nosy Mimi had to come see what was going on.
Yesterday morning Millie and I went out front for our usual early morning sit in the yard and watch what's going on in the neighborhood (and bark at anyone walking by) thing and the air felt like the summer might be ending soon. That cool crisp breeze thing was happening and boy, did it feel good! Today I've actually got the front window and door open to let some of those breezes in the house. Of course our air is not all that clean but still, cooler albeit dirty air feels pretty refreshing.

I finally did a chore that has been on my list for months, washing down the bathroom walls and ceiling. Walls are something that gets dirty but you don't really think about cleaning all that often and also it's a lot of work but the bathroom does look a bit better. All of the walls in the house need fresh coats of paint but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. To get me in the mood to clean I turned on IHeartRadio and set it to the Texas Tornadoes channel. If you need some extra energy listening to songs such as 'Are You Going to San Antone' certainly does help.

Now on to cleaning the sinks and mirrors along with vacuuming up cat hair, a chore I do every single day.


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